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The Interview

I guess I should start things off telling you how it all started from the beginning. It all began about a year and a half ago when my sister’s roommate tagged my sister and me in a tweet by the H2O twitter account saying “Looking to hire bartenders!” So of course, my sister, Lexxy and I were very interested and decided to message the twitter account (because who wouldn’t want to be a bartender?) and we managed to get ourselves an interview. The funny thing here is, little did we know that this place was a strip club…

Ironically I had my mother drop me off for the interview, still not realizing that this was a gentlemen’s club, even after walking inside for the interview and seeing poles in the middle of the building. One thing I did know though, is that I knew instantly I would love this job after meeting the manager/owner and having my interview just because it seemed like a pretty chill place. After leaving the interview my mom brought to my attention that this was a “gentlemen’s club” and asked me what it was like inside, I responded by saying that it was clean and seemed just like new, I figured I’d leave out the part about the poles.

My mom now knows that it’s a strip club and surprisingly, even she loves it there. She comes to visit all the time and she loves the people that we work with just as much as my sister and I do. We have become really close with a lot of the other bartenders and even dancers. The best part about going to work is that it’s not really like any other “job”, it’s basically like we are getting paid to be behind the bar and have fun. Sometimes, even the bartenders get to have some fun and play around on the pole when no ones there.

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